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Wanna Play Games for Living?
PowerUp GamesTM training will help your resume rise to the top . . . Here is an example of what you will learn in the certification
WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE THE TRAINING? Who Should take the training
You want to Become a Game Tester and want the edge in landing that Position
You want to Break into the Video Game Industry.
You want to try the Video Game Industry before making the College Investment
You want to build your Group of Peers and Industry Contacts in the Industry
Video Game Enthusiasts
Future Game Artists
Future Map Designer
Future Level Makers
Future Story Creators
Future QA Engineers
Why Powerup Games TM ?
1. Do you love video games? Do you see yourself making a career as a video game tester? Becoming a video game tester may not require a college education, but to get the job, specific skills and training are needed to get your resume straight to the top of the heap. PowerUp Games will provide you with all the tools you will need to start working in the video game industry. All you need to bring is your passion.
2. We possess the most important quality that our competitors don
3. Last, but not least, we can kickstart your video game career the right and easy way, and power you up for an exciting and fruitful career in the video game industry. No need to commit a small fortune and four years for a degree you might not use a couple of years down the line, with PowerUp Games, we give you the opportunity to test the industry waters, so to speak, and to help you decide if the video game industry is the right career choice for you.
I have just recently completed my Certification for Game Testing through PowerUp Games. I have been an avid gamer for my entire life and must admit I was a bit of a $#*!y know-it-all before taking this course. But quickly found that the information supplied was very useful and informative. It was right to the point and educational. I... walked away with a huge array of new knowledge and understanding of terms
Well, I'm currently working at Microsoft as Test Associate 1. Thanks to your program, I was able to land this job back in December of last year. :D (Thanks !!)
Some good news, I now have a job as a tester at Twisted Pixel Games.