How to join the game testing career

By on November 9, 2013

Are you passionate about playing video games? Well you are not the only one. The good thing is that you can actually make a career out of your passion. Strategy, RPGs, FPS, action and racing games all need someone to test them before they are released to the market. Testing games is a highly competitive field since almost everyone wants to get paid for doing something they love.

To join the game testing world, begin by looking for legitimate game testing sites where you can submit your resume. Many scammers are nowadays taking advantage of the number of people looking for game testing jobs to exploit them. Always be careful and think twice whenever the deal is too sweat. Legitimate sites never ask for money for job lists.

Include your gaming experience and highlight your game testing aptitude through identifying faults, mistakes and glitches in games. The more the good resumes you send to different companies, the better your chances are.

It is never a good idea to work alone on anything. Once you have begun a career in game testing, make connections in the industry.

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  1. david

    December 7, 2014 at 4:39 pm

    Hello, my name is David and I’ve been playing video games for over 20 years, (I’m 25). It would take me hours to list all the games I’ve played but feel free to check out my gamertag to see my achievements. Xbl: KNizzle107084

    Having a career in video games has always been my dream, and nothing would make me happier than to become a game tester.

    It seems like no matter what game I play, I always find glitches, bugs, or many ways that the game could be improved. I heard that some companies send out betas to people and I was wondering how a guy like me could get involved in that. I would do some for free to prove how good I am and how good my attention to detail is, then would LOVE to get a career in this industry.

    Thank you for your time

    • Bradley Baker

      December 7, 2014 at 7:10 pm

      We have a list of Video Game Tester Jobs on our website. or you can monitor our twitter feed.
      The jobs are provided free.
      How we make our money is to give people an advantage in interviewing…
      by providing training. That is also available on our website.

      It sounds like to me with your desire and your ability to seek out game testing, your biggest challenge will be to find positions in your area. Add training if you want to boost your odds. We have helped a lot of people break into the industry with your same background and desire.

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