Video game testing is the easiest and most prevalent way that people enter the video game industry. No college education is required but specific skills and training help you get the interview and get the job. Classes in game poweruptesting should teach game testing principles, tasks and knowledge. Classes should teach you the theory and help you apply it so it becomes easy to do.

Make sure the author of the class is a true professional who has made a living and a career from it. Just because you once landed a game testing position, can write articles on game testing, oc can become an affiliate to help sell someones brochure or ebook, is not enough.

We believe that a class in game testing is the best option for you to enter the industry in the most efficient and time and cost effective manner. For example, if you want to be a taxi driver, a class in taxi driving gives you the basics required but getting a degree in business and auto mechanics may be a little too much education to start out. You can always add a 4 year degree from college to any game testing course if that is what you want. Game testing is a safer and cheaper way to see if the video game industry is in your future or could be a career choice.

A game tester needs training on how to perform game testing tasks and skills in technology, communication and teamwork. Language skills are helpful for those who test titles in other languages.
Starting a Game Testing Career – Your Portfolio

Building a portfolio that includes a resume, cover letter, and samples of work, … can help you land that interview for a game testing job. Being able to talk and act like a game tester in your portfolio and interview, helps show your abilities and your understanding of game testing. You want your resume to rise to the top of the pile for an interview.

Game Testing Jobs can be easily found and no subscription is needed to find them. Just go to our jobs site and find some. Beta testing is not a job or career and is something someone does for free without expecting anything in return. NDAs are required to test for most publishers and you have to be 18 years old for an NDA to be legally binding so be careful of someone saying something different. You can purchase and take training at any time but until you are 18, you options will be limited for game testing positions until you are 18 years old or older.

A game tester salary starts at $8-$12/hr and you can get to about $16-$24/hr in 4 years.
Stay at Home Game Tester and Beta Tester Positions

Please be careful of anyone offering information on how to find a “stay at home” game testing position. This is a common method to sell ebooks, subscriptions, list, etc that contain information that is easily found on the internet. Never pay for such information. The Game Publishers and Developers will find enough people to do game testing from home with any mysterious method that they keep hidden or goes unpublished. Buying this information is like buying a map to ancient pirate treasure. The thought and dream of the treasure is exciting but the reality does not support it. Your chance of getting a stay at home game testing position is about one in a million. You have to look through 1 million ads or send emails to get 1 position. It might be a couple extra bucks in your pocket in a year, but it won’t pay your rent or food bill. What they want you to do is become their affiliate and sell their ebook, subscriptions or list.

A game tester’s job is to verify content so be sure to verify any source giving information about game testing. Verification is easy. Basically do not trust anyone who doesn’t have the following: 1) a phone number, 2) support (like an email address that they will answer) and 3) an address you can send a letter. Watch out for affiliate programs, internet articles, list, subscription or ebook marketers with anything that may be to good too be true.
What do I do now?

Are you interested in video game testing as a career or as a job during the summers while you are working on your degree? Do you have questions about becoming a video game tester or what it is like to be a EA game tester or to work for another publisher? Do you need help to avoid video game scams?

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