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By on February 7, 2014
Powerup testing solution

Challenges of Video Game Publishers and Developers:

Producing Titles that are on Market

Game developers and publishers have long struggled with the on-going challenge of designing and developing a best-of-breed game that captures the essence of marketplace trends and end-user demands to offer the ultimate gaming experience. Through traditional channels the ability to do this is expensive and daunting.

To effectively compete in today’s marketplace, publishers must maintain an accurate pulse of end-user preferences. In an ideal world, this would be done in real-time by receiving end-user feedback from an extensive pool of real-world users worldwide. This would allow publishers to generate socio-economic market research, and inquire directly with end-users about game features, game quality, updates, or any other aspect(s) wished by the publisher.

Producing Quality Titles

The best games are produced with a balance between time, budget and quality. Crowdsourcing is a method to increase the quality of the title and can reduce the time and budget demands. This gives a competitive advantage. Publishers and developers can use these time and budget savings some place else or save them for future work. Game developers and publishers that adopt processes and practices that increase their abilities to deliver a quality product, balanced with time to develop and well balanced budget will outpace their competition.

One of the difficulties of crowdsourcing is getting, organizing and training the crowd. Simplifying this process is necessary to reap all the possible benefits out of crowdsourcing. The PowerUp Games community is made up of game enthusiasts from all areas of life looking to break into game testing as a part-time interest or as a career. Members in the community are studying training that teaches them about video game quality, video game development and other aspects to make them contributors to a crowd sourcing effort, simplifying the crowdsourcing process.

To this end PowerUp Games

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