Zettabyte Marketing Announces Partnership With Game Development Info Site, PowerUp Games, And Brings Developer Round Table

By on June 11, 2016

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016— Zettabyte Marketing, PR, and Communications is proud to announce a partnership with PowerUp Games (www.powerupgames.com). This mutual agreement is to help allow new or amateur game developers to get a foothold in the industry.


PowerUp Games has been around for a decade, allowing gamers to learn the processes of game development, and helping budding developers get a foot in the door with the knowledge, and tactics of more tenured professionals. They pride themselves on educating future game testers, and filling the industry with the valuable and much needed asset of quality assurance.


Brad Baker, CEO, Founder, and President of PowerUp Games, is most excited about this partnership. He brings with him nearly 30 years experience in testing and quality assurance, spearheading game testing companies like GameINSTINCT, as well as doing QA testing alongside Microsoft. He has worked alongside hundreds of companies, helping to make sure hundreds of titles were shipped out properly. He and his companies have helped thousands of newcomers to the industry make their way to success over the past 3 decades.


Brad spoke about Power Up Games and what they stand for, “PowerUp was built to give gamers and newcomers to the industry the experience and knowhow of being and game tester. A lot of people get their start in the industry through game testing positions and this helps people fast track to get a leg up. Do you want to build a career in the video game industry? Is your fantasy and aspiration to create the next AAA title? PowerUp is a great place to start!”


Jesse Collins, CEO and Founder of Zettabyte Marketing, has nearly a decade of experience in the games industry, working public relations, marketing, social networking, and advertising, having worked alongside companies like Theme Park Studios, J2 Games, Faramix Enterprises, and IGS Publishing. He had reserved himself to journalism for a large portion of his time, reviewing and blogging about video games and other geeky subculture for Graphic Policy, J2 Games, CBx, and running a streaming channel dedicated to geeky news and gaming, Right On Chime. In regards to the partnership, he showed excitement in his words, “Zettabyte is dedicated to helping indie developers that may be new to the industry. Having PowerUp as an ally in our battle allows a lot of opportunity to educate and get people in the right direction. This opens up a lot of possibilities with the new age of game developers out there!”


Along with the partnership, Zettabyte and PowerUp Games are pleased to announce the Power-Up Digital Conference, taking place within Discord, a text and voice chat app generally reserved for gamers.  The conference will include keynotes and discussions among gamers, journalists, developers, special guests, and professional speakers. The on-going discussion between developers, marketing people, journalists, and newcomers to the industry will discuss ideas and techniques to educate a new generation of testers, coders, artists, and producers. The Conference will take place for a full week, allowing discussion anytime during the day or night. Speakers will include Greg Zeschuk (Co-Founder, Bioware) and Terry Nagy (CCO, Apogee Games), Derek Smart (President, 3000 AD), and Richie Bisso (President, Hyperkinetic Studios), among many others to be announced. Official details will come soon, as well as official registration. Keep an eye out for more news on www.ZettabyteMarketing.com and www.PowerUpGames.com!


About Zettabyte Marketing, PR, and Communications


Founded by Jesse Collins, Zettabyte is dedicated to enriching the lives of indie developers, by helping small time devs get a foothold in the industry through proper marketing and public relations tactics. He believes that no game is too small. Just because this game isn’t the AAA title of the century, doesn’t mean your next title won’t be. Newcomers to the industry need to be nourished and accepted. Jesse brings with him nearly a decade of experience and hopes to help the industry grow with his expertise.


About PowerUp Games


Established in 2006, PowerUp Games was founded on the principle that a large number of game developers got their start as game testers. Quality assurance testers need to know how to properly test games and PowerUp Games is the best way to go. Millions of gamers out there have a fantasy of making it big creating games, or just working alongside them. PowerUp does just that; Put them in the right direction to do the best that they can, while giving helpful tips and advice full of words of wisdom.


For questions regarding the Zettabyte/PowerUp partnership, questions about the upcoming Power-Up Digital Conference, to request an interview or comment from either Jesse or Brad, or just just ask for more details concerning the press release, please contact Jesse Collins at (770) 608-9449 or jesse@zettabytemarketing.com. For any other information, check out the sites at www.zettabytemarketing.com and www.powerupgames.com.


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